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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

FAQ - How Do You Charge in Unit Trust Investment?

Sorry for the long hiatus as #YourFinanceDoctor was lack of time and effort in blogging, but here I am, trying another new approach of writing, by answering some of the frequently asked questions. So long story short, here's the first one:

Prospect J: "How do you charge in Unit Trust Investment?"

Unlike typical agent that you frequently came across on the street, you will be investing with #YourFinanceDoctor thru a Wrap Account. This may sounds new to you as it is not common in Malaysia yet. But let's take a look at the definition given by Investopedia

So instead of charging just a once-for-all upfront sales charge like what typical agent does, #YourFinanceDoctor would charge a much lower sales charge plus annual wrap fee. To make things simple, here's an illustration of how it works.

Imagine if you have RM100,000 to invest and here are two options for you to choose!

Surprise surprise! The return is a lot higher even when you are investing with the same amount of money in the exact same funds at the same time and same price. Most importantly, I think the biggest advantage of #YourFinanceDoctor is to have the same objective as the client, which is to earn more for client so that we earn more thru the annual wrap fee too!

That's all for now! Happy Investing!

Coming up next, "Why your Agent does not find you anymore?" Stay tuned for the next post!
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