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Monday, September 26, 2016

FAQ - How to Start Investing in Unit Trust Fund?

In my previous post regarding "Start Invest As Low As RM100!", many have come to me and ask how do they actually kick start. So I figured that perhaps I should write "How to Start Investing in Unit Trust Fund". If you are reading this now, that's great because you have the urge to kick start now, so don't let it stop and follow the 4 easy steps below! 

Prospect(s): "How to Start Investing in Unit Trust Fund?"

By now, you should be convinced on why you should start investing now, otherwise, here's a quick recap:
4 Reasons to Invest NOW:

Step 1: Choose your channel
There are a few channels that you could go through to invest in unit trust fund:
1. Institutional Unit Trust Advisor (IUTA) - Usually those in banks
2. Unit Trust Consultant (UTC) - Agent that attach to only one Principal
3. Corporate Unit Trust Advisor (CUTA) - Independent Financial Advisor
4. Online - FundSuperMart

Each has different sales charge and level of service. Check out this post, you will be able to tell the difference of UTC and CUTA. So choose the one that best suits your needs. For more info on the clarification of IUTA, CUTA, UTC and so on, check out Securities Commission Website.

Since #YourFinanceDoctor is an Independent Financial Advisor under CUTA, hence the following steps are only applicable if you have decided to choose #YourFinanceDoctor.

Step 2: Read thru FIMM Pre-Investment Form
Like I always said, knowing what you invest is utterly important! So read through as you will need to sign this form before investing in unit trust fund (that's why it's called Pre-Investment Form). No worry, #YourFinanceDoctor will explain to you again as well during the appointment.

Step 3: Fill up the form

Step 4: Voila! That's all!
Congratulations for taking the first step to your better future!

That's all for now, Happy Investing!
Coming up next, "Why your Agent does not find you anymore?" Stay tuned for the next post!
If you have any question to ask #YourFinanceDoctor, feel free to email here.


  1. Thank you for providing this information. It is very helpful information for us. Thank you for sharing this blog.
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  2. Info yang baik. I takde lagi unit trust fund ni. I invest kat lain. Mereka yang berminat boleh refer post ini.

  3. wow so easy. Study about this unit trust when in my diploma study. I really interested on how it works but still need a lot of reading before join this

  4. Good info, but all things that related with investment, my husband handle it for me.

  5. I don't have any unit trust at the moment, though I saw people offering their service in the mall. I didn't go to find out about it, I have friends too that doing unit trust now. If got extra money perhaps can invest in the Unit Trust.

  6. Very good information. Thank you for sharing. Will be very useful.

  7. invested in a fund for 8 years last time. medium risk. syariah compliance.
    withdrawn bcoz i in my opinion, my agent didn't advice me correctly.
    8 years with an expected minimum return. frustrated! time & money wasted.
    with a well-known unit trust company.

  8. Tak berapa nak pandai dalam bab bab macam ni. Tapi siapa yang berminat pasti boleh tambahkan ilmu dari info ni.

  9. I also have one who has been using this Unit Trus as a good long-term investment that we have a proactive agent. Hope everyone is aware of such a program....

  10. Thanks for sharing this good infor....not much of us know about this investment....for those who need this trust find get it your investment....

  11. Perkongsian yang bagus. Cuma buat masa sekarang belum terbuka hati lagi nak main unit trust ni..tak pandai dan duit pun tak banyak, kalau ada duit lebih mayb boleh difikirkan semula

  12. Been hearing about ppl investing in long term investment but I just not that interested in. But husband is investing in public mutual, if not mistaken.

  13. I love investing in unit trust. Coz can start with small value but good return in long term..make sure choose the right fund��

  14. Thanks for sharing such good information for newbies (and also for old timers too) so that nobody get swindled or fooled right.

  15. Thanks for the sharing . I pernah dengar pasal unit rrust ni dan memang pulangan yang kita dapat menguntungkan .Tapi buat masa ni i belum terbuka hati lagi nak jlin unit trust ni. But wish me one day akan join juga

  16. Thank you for sharing this. I suka baca ttg unit trust, its good for long saving. Hope i dapt keje and beli unit trust ni one day

  17. Ah thanks for sharing the tips to earn money. I have invested Unit Trust Fund before. I think it takes time to see the good result. but better late than never to invest la

  18. AM x berapa nak pandai bab2 unit trust nie.. Terima kasih atas perkongsian yg penuh info nie yea.

  19. Teringin nak ada unit trust. cuma bila kerja tak menentu ni, susah nak plan. Nanti bulan ini ada duit, bulan depan belum tentu lagi. Kalau lah muda dulu tahu pasal unit trust. i mesti dah ada. hurrmm


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