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Hello! I am a Licensed Financial Planner with FA Advisory Sdn. Bhd. and I hold both the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®️ and Shariah RFP! I am very passionate in providing comprehensive financial planning to people of all ages and walks of life. If you read about my ambition that I wrote back in 2012, I did not set out to be a licensed financial advisor, I just knew I like personal finance. I was actually an engineer graduated with electronics engineering majoring in nanotechnology, but I was aware that I do not want to work my whole life as engineer. I was also a Unit Trust Consultant (UTC) after attaining the age of 21 years old, as well as insurance agent 2 years later.

You see I wasn't being raised in a wealthy family, so for those who have the same family background with me, you would understand that money is constantly the cause of arguments. So, at a very young age, I understand that money can really affect the life of a family. Given that my father was an engineer too, it was naturally that I would became one too. Not that because I really like it, but rather it was easy to get a job (especially in Penang where you simply throw a stone and it would surely hit one) and also the high starting pay, relatively. That pay surely would come in handy for me to contribute to the family especially given that my father was reaching the retirement age right on my graduation year.

Everyone knows that personal finance is very important, unfortunately, in Malaysia, it was not in our syllabus during high school or even university. That was the time when I realized that I need to study part time for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®️ course while working as engineer (in order not to repeat the same ending). Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong being an engineer, but having the knowledge in money management is far more superior! But little did I know that this was going to be the turning point of my life. 

Through the course, I realized that a holistic financial planning is what I really want rather than just be in particular field like UTC or insurance agent which doesn't really teach me anything about actual money management. Like the saying goes, the best way to learn is to teach! Hence, after finishing my 2 years of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®️ course and exam, I changed my career to Licensed Financial Planner, not just for myself, but also to increase the awareness on the importance of financial planning, which could really help improve the lives of so many other families! Recently I have gotten myself Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP) from Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) too! 

Rest assured, with me as #YourFinanceDoctor, I will manage your hard earned money like my own and make sure that you and your family will reach whatever financial goals that you would want!

What's your dream?
As I mentioned before, throughout my studies, I never had any formal education on financial planning that I would wish I had. So I really do hope that I could bring up the importance of financial literacy to public regardless of their age, so that one day, everyone could make more right financial decision and avoid the bad one, hence leading them to the future that they would want and as well as life long happiness!

Why Finance Doctor?
What are two most important things in this world? Health & Wealth. As your health is taken care by the medical doctor, your wealth should be taken care by the finance doctor. That's where finance doctor comes into the picture! Think about it, when you are sick, who do you seek for? I believe it applies to the same for both health and wealth! 

What if I'm not sick? 
Well, technically you do not need a doctor. But same as health, prevention is better than cure, you do still need to go for regular medical check up and even take up supplements or vitamins to keep your body in tip top condition. So again, why wait until you are broke then only start to cure, in our case, seek out for Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency, or more commonly known as Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK).

Can I treat myself? 
Yes and no. Same as many of us, we would tend to seek for remedy or self treatment before we go to the doctor. So, yes, that is why you could follow me on my blog and Your Finance Doctor Facebook Page to stay up to date on latest financial articles. However, no, when it is out of your control or simply when you want someone professional, like me, to do it. ;)  Besides, how many of us would really have the "time" and "knowledge" to slowly research before making a wise financial decision. Which would ended up with avoiding to make decision.

Can I trust you?
Yes. Even if you are still in doubt, you should trust Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission! You can find my name there! Well, be a smart investor, not just #yourfinancedoctor, anyone else who claimed to be Financial Adviser or Financial Planner, you should always check their name from:  
Bank Negara Malaysia
Securities Commissions:
Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP) Membership No: M30012221 

Are you a speaker for any talk/seminar?
1. April 2015 - Toptrans Engineering, Shah Alam: 
"Estate Planning for Greater Family Happiness

2. September 2015 - Agilent Technologies, Penang: 
"Basic Financial Knowledge that You Never Learnt in School"

3. March 2016 - Agilent Technologies, Penang:
"Give Yourself More Control of Your Financial Future"

4. March 2016 - BAS, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar:
"21st Century Leadership: Dare to Lead"

5. March 2016 - CEE, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar:
"Basic Financial Knowledge that You Never Learnt in School"

6. July 2017 - Flex Penang:
"Creating Wealth with Personal Financial Planning"

7. April 2018 - Royale Chulan Penang:
"Creating Wealth with Personal Financial Planning"

Feel free to contact me to give talk! ;)

What are you waiting for?  
Give me a call: 016-427 0233 or shoot me an email: TODAY!


  1. Ok great! Now I know who to intro when anyone I know is looking for a finance doctor hehe. Thx! Didn't know that we can check who's legit Finance advisor/planner and who's not. Pretty useful!

    1. yup! please help to share it out so that the rest also know how to differentiate the legit one ya! =D

  2. hahaha. Your "about you" is so well written and you are a finance doctor? :D Free service for me? :D

    1. hhahaha free consultation then maybe yes. but "supplement" or "medicine" still have to charge! hehe =p

  3. Cool, you do any talks for organizations? I think many people can benefit from your expertise

    1. hello Leona, yup I do! Feel free to contact me if your organization need any financial talk too! ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing an this really valuable information.

  5. Wow nice writing about you.. Really like it.. I will share it..

  6. good info Henry, now i can start plan my finance step by step..

  7. Financial security is a must now for everyone. Will share the info and your service with friends.

  8. Tq for sharing Henry, now need to plan my finance for my children.

  9. Yes money do affect live. Now i know about the finance doctor.

  10. Hi salam kenalan mungkin satu hari I akan perlukan khidmat u moga dapat berkenalan...

  11. One one the weakness in our education system is we don't include financial literacy in the syllabus. Hopefully, in future we can each young kids to understand better about financial

  12. Good sharing Henry, How important to manage our finance.

  13. Perkongsian yang sangat bermanfaat. Pengurusan kewangan memang penting untuk kestabilan hidup zaman sekarang..kena plan awal2.

  14. Nice sharing. Early plan is better. Thank you for this info.

  15. bagus perkongsian macm ni. tetiba saya terbuka mata luas hehe

  16. Wow my husband really needs you! Nice sharing anyway

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